Beautiful eyes…

Our eyes let us see the beauty of the world. Without your eyes how would you know what the ocean looks like, or a multi-colored Fall leaf? How would you know the feeling you get when looking at the sun hidden behind a cloud… how it radiates and the rays of light shoot out like happy thoughts?
We too often take advantage of our eyes, let’s give them a chance to be spoiled.

“Our eyes both perceive and reveal our beauty. A regular eye-washing practice can leave them clear and bright” (Dr. Harigeetham). Also, bathing the eyes can help rejuvenate tiny muscles that have been taxed by hours of computer use or driving.
Harigeetham recommends infusing your washing water with triphala. The Ayurvedic herbal powder – made up of the amaiaki, haritaki, and bibhitaki fruits – is a blood purifier and whole-body rejuvenator and has properties that support the ophthalmic nerves and eye muscles.
After the washing, consider applying the dark eyeliner known as kajal (also known as kohl). “Kajal reduces glare in bright light, sharpening the vision, and encourages the growth and darkness of eyelashes,” Harigeetham explains. If you choose an Ayurvedic herbal formulation, which contains almond oil and flower extracts – you’ll also be nourishing and strengthening the tissues around the eyes.
First, prepare the triphala infusion by boiling 1 teaspoon of triphala powder in 1 cup of water for about 10 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool completely; strain thoroughly.
First, bathe.
Wash your face with cold water. Then, using a cupped palm, bathe each open eye with cool triphala water 3 times. Rinse the face with a bit of pure water, and pat dry.
Then, cover.
Layer organically grown rose petals, cucumber slices, or cilantro leaves over each closed eye. (All three are cooling and refreshing to the eyes.) Place a cotton pad over each eye; then tie a band of muslin cotton or a bandana around the eyes to create a loose blindfold.
Look around…
Lie back in Savasana, relax, picture something beautiful, and begin to do 5 cycles of each of these 5 eye exercises with your eyes closed:
*Rotate your eyes clockwise.
*Rotate your eyes counterclockwise.
*Move your eyes in a figure 8, looking to the upper left, lower right, upper right, lower left.
*Look straight up and then straight down.
*Look left and right.
Then, rest.
Now, relax and breathe for 20 minutes. Release the blindfold. Immediately direct your vision to a beautiful sight, object, or photo that makes you feel calm and connected. If you’re using kajal, apply it now.
As you transition back to your day, allow your vision to remain “soft,” letting the scene of the world come to you with effortless focus. If possible, avoid harsh lighting. Let your inner vision come forward.

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*Part of a 4 part Ayurvedic Self Care series taken from Yoga Journal that I want to share with you!*
Reference: Yoga Journal, October 2010

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