Juice fasting for beginners…

With the cost of juicers ranging from $150-500 it’s not feasible that I would own one at this point in my life. Nevertheless, I really wanted to try a juice fast. But I quickly found out that it’s near impossible without a personal vegetable juicer.

I tried this first… 

  • Buy freshly juiced veggies the night before… I went to my local Organic Harvest and got a 16-24 oz. fresh juice. My favorite is their Field of Greens juice (Seasonal greens, wheatgrass, carrots, celery, kale, spirulina, and apples).  Most local organic/natural grocers also offer fresh juice. However, it turns out that 16-24 oz. isn’t quite enough for an entire day. You need approx. 32 oz. to give your body the appropriate nutrition and to keep it from going into starvation mode. Going to the store, purchasing enough juice for the next day, and storing it over night proved to be difficult. First, juice is best when it is freshly juiced. If you wait until the next day, the fruits and veggies oxidize and loose important nutrients. Second, it doesn’t taste as good. Finally, it was a pain in my rear.

What works better for me…

  • Swapping one meal a day for fresh juice… Usually dinner. This way I can stop by the store on the way home for my fresh juice and enjoy immediately. Yes, I am satisfied for the night. I wake up feeling lighter and full of energy. You actually are fasting this way. You are fasting from (roughly) 4pm to the next morning. It gives your digestive system a rest so it’s able to start fresh the next day. I pair this nightly fasting with my no-processed diet during the day and I feel great!

What else?…

  • You can also choose to drink juice once or twice a day in-between meals. This way you are not detoxing your body, but it gives you the added nutrients that the juice has to offer. Most people are able to drink way more vegetables than they could ever consume by simply eating them.

Reasons for Juice fasting…

There are many reasons to juice fast. The most obvious is for health/weight loss. But there are also spiritual and general health reasons. My reason is to detox (general health). Juice fasting removes toxins and increases your essential nutrient intake. See my resource links below for more info on juice fasting.

What sparked my interest…

This movie is what turned me on to juice fasting:


MindBodyGreen – How to Juice Fast Safely

Top 10 Reasons to Juice Fast

How to Fast

One day I will own my own juicer and will complete a true juice fast. One day…

One comment on “Juice fasting for beginners…

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