Special Treat!…

The Sunday community yoga class at First Ave Rocks will be taught by the lovely Christine. I am on the road! (I’m actually doing this post from my phone!) What is life without little traveling adventures? Christine has traveled all over studying and practicing yoga. I hope you can go and get a taste of her teaching and knowledge! I have added a link to Christines bio below, check her out!

See you soon!


This free, donation only class is at 5:00pm Sunday at First Ave Rocks on first ave south downtown Birmingham.


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Class Announcements…

The 6am class at Bailey Dance will be cancelled next week: December 28th & 30th.

All other classes will remain the same!

Yes! I will be having the 5pm Free Yoga class at 1st Ave Rocks this Sunday (Dec 26th). Come to class, bring your family, and work off all those extra holiday cookies!

Merry Christmas!

Free Yoga Sunday is back!…

Free Yoga Sunday at 1st Ave Rocks is back!

Class is at 5:00pm every Sunday.
Free, donation only class.
Lead by me.

The yoga room at 1st Ave Rocks is so magical. It’s small and intimate but the icing on the cake is… HEAT! A lovely heated (not hot, just heated) practice will leave you stretched out, relaxed, and full of peace!

See you soon!

See the Birmingham Yoga link under “my class schedule” for directions to 1st Ave Rocks and other class info.

Free Yoga Sunday…

It is time for the Teacher Trainee’s to start teaching! Here is a list of dates they will be teaching my Sunday Community class (which will remain donation only!)

July 18 – Clay
July 25 – Paige
August 1 – Haley
August 22 – Nancy
August 29 – Amy
September 19 – Olly
September 26 – Kathryn
October 10 – Leah

Come to class and support these blossoming teachers! I will teach the classes inbetween these dates as usual.

See you soon!